Story: oh no ur late for dinner, you have to get home quick or ur dad will be mad >:(

but everyone from the red car gang is also coming home too! how will you survive?

Instructions: press z to got to next lane and dodge cars, how much coins can you collect on the way?

Yes there is and end

also plz rate it

this is my first game EVER, and i made it for the boundless game jam.


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Good game. It's sound very well and the particles make the game more livid. I think that would be better if you interpolate the motion of the character when moving to the other street, giving the idea of movement at expense of teletransport. I don't know if it was proposital, but when you die you still cotrolling the character during a interval.  I think that would look better if you change the coins text to a brigher color and chage it's font. But overall it's good.

If you can give me some feedback about my game I would be very grateful: But anyways thank you for participating of the jam.

thanks i will check it out


We had the same kind of idea :) i love your textures and the little particles that come everytime you switch lanes. The one critique i have isn't even related to the game, but the colors of this page are really ugly, black, white and green strains my eyes to watch. But the game is great. Great job

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Thanks for the feedback, i will make the colors look better!

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What i mostly meant is that you should change is the white background to something darker, like dark gray or something similar. 


I like your game.  It may just be me, but if not, you need to adjust the default window size. Maximized it works fine, regular view  cuts off the character. If you go to edit game in itch, scroll down to embed options. There you ca adjust the game viewport size to fit the intended scale. 

Great game! Much better that my first game by leagues.

oh thanks that really helped


Anytime,  I'm glad to help.

The sprite messing up can be fixed by going to the sprite asset and in the inspector change the format to something higher quality.


thanks, i will fix it